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Hello, my name is Aura and I decided to start this group for all of the Hanson fans out there who LOVE hanson fan fiction, like myself.

Here's how this group will work: You post a link to a fanfiction and your review of it. I will post a scorring system towards the bottom of this "about you" section that should also be included in your post. If it's long, please do an lj-cut.

That's all that should really be posted in here. You are welcome to review your own fanfiction, in which case the scorring system is not needed, just tell us about the fic. If, after you review a fic, you want to include links to your own fic or somebody elses without the review, that's fine, too. Please keep the stories posted to a PG-13 level, UNLESS you give a warning

The Scorring System

(each number should be rated from 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst)

1. Plot
2. Grammar
3. Spelling