Misery Chastain (miseryschyld) wrote in hanfiction,
Misery Chastain

Hanson FanFiction Official Opening

Announcing the Official Opening of the Hanson FanFiction Archive


HFF is a ready source catering to all categories and genres. Membership is entirely free and anyone who joins has the open ability to become an author.

We at HFF want to create a friendly atmosphere where fans of the band HANSON feel comfortable enough to express their love for the group and their music in an artistic, literary form.

HFF has been made specifically to cater to a reader's needs. You can search by pairings, genres, select categories, authors, and titles.

For anyone who wishes to become an author, you have absolute control over your own work and the review system is spectacular.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions about, or for, the site, feel free to CONTACT US and get to know your STAFF members. We hope stories will be plentiful and that you enjoy your stay at HFF.

~The HFF Team

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