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Mix Tape Challenge

This year  I'm hosting a new type of challenge called The Mix Tape Challenge!
Here is the gist (it's pretty simple):
You "create" a Hanson mix tape of either 1-4 songs and you essentially tell the story behind each song either in one short story, one long story, 3 short stories, whatever you feel necessary! It's taking us back to our roots some. The music is what started all of this hanfic, so this is in a weird way a tribute to the music.
For example:
Say you choose to make a mix tape with "Lucy" and "Madeline" (I'm picking pretty obvious story lines here)
You will either write 2 short stories one about the Lucy relationship and breakup that the song is about, and one about the Madeline relationship....or you can write a long story that weaves the 2 stories together. Make sense??
For more rules and FAQ visit the site: The Mix Tape Challenge

sign ups : January 1-15
writing: January 16-feb. 5
submissions posted: feb. 6-12

Hope we get lots of submissions! If you have any other questions, just ask!
All genre's welcome!

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